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Notes, Session 4, Massimo Mangialavori

190 pages, broché
publication 2020
produit no. 01831
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ISBN: 978-88-88799-07-0

Notes, Session 4

Massimo Mangialavori

Identifying with Society

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Using substances from the Kali and Ammonium salt groups, common themes and differences in the remedy groups are discussed.

The publisher:

Session Four of the International Postgraduate Course in Bologna
Edited by Vicki Burley
Further discussion of Massimo’s methodology: case taking and case analysis in relation to fundamental and differentiating themes. Kalium and related: Kali arsenicosum, Kali bichromicum, Kali bromatum, Kali carbonicum, Kali ferrocyanatum, Kali iodatum, Kali muriaticum, Kali nitricum, Kali phosphoricum, Kali picricum, Kali silicata, Kali sulphuricum, Causticum and more. Ammonium and related: Ammonium carbonicum, Ammonium bromatum, Ammonium iodatum, Ammonium muriaticum, Ammonium phosphoricum, Ammonium valerianicum and more.

en stock
envoi gratuit au-delà de € 9.999,00

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