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Alastair C. Gray

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Experience of Medicine 4/Alastair C. Gray
Experience of Medicine 4  de Alastair C. Gray
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310 pages, broché, produit no. 06320
Extrait: ContentsIntroduction
€ 11,75 € 23,50
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Experience of Medicine 4: Ajouter au panier
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Case Taking/Alastair C. Gray
Case Taking  de Alastair C. Gray
Best practice and creating meaning in the consulting room
Third Edition
Printed in India  -  Indian quality 

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488 pages, broché, produit no. 09137
Extrait: ContentsThe Purpose of Case Taking
Method/Alastair C. Gray
Method  de Alastair C. Gray
Printed in India - Indian quality

450 pages, broché, produit no. 13152
€ 36,00
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Method: Ajouter au panier
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Experience of Medicine 2/Alastair C. Gray
Experience of Medicine 2  de Alastair C. Gray
The Students of Nature Care College St. Leonards Sydney
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316 pages, broché, produit no. 06318
Extrait: ContentsIntroductionSample
€ 11,95 € 24,50
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Experience of Medicine 2: Ajouter au panier
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Case Management in Homeopathic Medicine/Alastair C. Gray
Case Management in Homeopathic Medicine  de Alastair C. Gray
The Landscape of Homeopathic Medicine

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328 pages, broché, produit no. 17345
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