Your Pathway to Classical Homeopathy, Mireille Peyronnet / Philippe Peyronnet

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Your Pathway to Classical Homeopathy

Mireille Peyronnet / Philippe Peyronnet

Guidelines And Practical Factsheets

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This book is made for you who have decided to consult a Classical homeopath. It will help you find your way before, during and after consultation in order to find the unique homeopathic remedy. Classical Homeopathy was discovered and developed by Samuel Hahnemann (End of 18thcentury).

 “Before consultation” establishes the central notion of constitution. Good health is a perfect synonym of a balanced constitution, whereas an unbalanced one leaves the door open to illness. The unique homeopathic remedy restores the balance by giving the individual the equivalent energy. To adopt the remedy closest to your constitution, chosen among more than 3500 remedies taken from all three sources, animal, plant and mineral, the Classical homeopath, above anything, requires your active participation. That is why it is beneficial to prepare for the consultation.

 “During consultation” explains the state of mind needed to go through consultation, to be as productive as possible. A time and place of open exchange, it is a singular living process where your history and the experience of the Classical homeopath marry together. You are its foremost actor.

 “After consultation” establishes the importance of the follow up in the homeopathic process. Just because a remedy has been given, this doesn’t mean it is all over… things may only be starting! A follow up is not only necessary to assess the effect of the remedy, but also fascinating to discover further connections between the illness and the ideal healthy state.

Numerous real life case studies substantiate the development of a homeopathic pedagogy. All of them prove that a single homeopathic remedy is beneficial to a person’s personal progression and his relationship to others.
At the end of this guide you will find useful guidelines and practical factsheets for collecting the most important original and specific signs.

The publisher:

Written as an introduction to classical homeopathy. French husband and wife team, Mireiile and Philippe Peyronnet are together qualified in the fields of Pharmacy, Neuroscience and General medicine, alongside homeopathy. They are therefore well equipped to lead  you through a journey of anticipating and receiving  treatment from a classical homeopath.

There  are 3 sections. The first, dealing with how to prepare for a homeopathic consultation, explains the type of question a homeopath will actually ask you: For example: s/he will be interested in the nature of a pain, (throbbing, aching, and so on), when it started, and any emotional component at or soon before its onset. The nature of constitutional treatment is explored, and the importance of remembering your dreams, if possible. The three kingdoms from which the homeopath makes his/her selection, (Animal, Plant, or Mineral), are described.

The second section investigates the nature of the homeopathic consultation: how being as open as possible to the homeopath asking the questions will immeasurably help the process, along with dropping your  preconceptions about disease labels.
The third section explores what happens after the first prescription, and when you might anticipate a follow-up visit to your homeopath. Many case examples from actual practice illustrate the evolution of better health through taking a remedy. The importance of recognising and recording these healing signs for future follow-up visits is emphasised.

A useful, informative introduction for patients over what to expect from Classical Homeopathy.

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