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Notes, Session 1, Massimo Mangialavori

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Notes, Session 1

Massimo Mangialavori

Remaining in a Safe Environment: The Sea Remedies

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A series of seminar notes that provide an introduction to the working methods of the leading Italian homeopath Massimo Mangialavori. Volume 1 focuses on the understanding of themes and families. Includes remedy pictures from the sea and water, such as Aqua marina, Spongia, Corallium rubrum, Medusa, Asterias, Murex, Venus, Calcarea carbonica, Homarus, Ambra, Sepia, Gadus, Oleum jecoris, Pecten, Astacus, Badiaga.

The publisher:

Session One of the International Postgraduate Course in Bologna
Edited by Vicki Burley
Massimo's approach of homeopathic families and the concept of fundamental themes of homeopathic families is introduced. Fundamental themes should be present for a deeply curative prescription. Remedies presented through cases and discussion: Ambra grisea, Aqua marina, Asterias, Astacus, Badiaga, Calcarea carbonica, Corallium rubrum, Cypraea eglantina, Gadus morhua, Homarus, Limulus cyclops, Medusa, Murex, Oleum jecoris, Pecten, Sepia, Spongia, Venus, and similars. Calcium and related, Natrum and related, and some Halogens.

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