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Costa Rica Provings, Jan Scholten

128 pages, broché
publication 2017
produit no. 24666
poids: 240g
ISBN: 978-9-07481725-7

Costa Rica Provings

Jan Scholten

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The publisher:

Costa Rica proving describes the fifth proving seminar in Costa Rica. It turns out that the proving are getting better over the years.

The quality of the proving is becoming more accurate and the essence of the remedy is discovered amore or less broadly. The provers get the Remedy code partially or totally from the proving. The Remedy code is the code as developed in the Plant theory which has been published in Wonderful plants. It is astonishing how accurate they often find the Remedy code, partially or totally. The proving show often new aspect of the remedy or family to which it belongs.

In these proving the two remedies from the Piperaceae showed strongly the aspect of the neglect child, but then in a more general way. It showed that the western culture of laying babies in their own bed, far away from the parents is a cultural problem, reflected in the Piperaceae.

en stock
envoi gratuit au-delà de € 9.999,00

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