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Acids in Homeopathy, Massimo Mangialavori

264 pages, relié
publication 2015
produit no. 16593
poids: 525g
ISBN: 978-3-95582-053-4

Acids in Homeopathy

Massimo Mangialavori

Self Destructiveness

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The picture of a remedy group only really becomes clear when we compare it with similar groups. Differential diagnosis is the real art of homeopathy, and here we can witness the masterly art of nuanced differentiation. After the elucidation of the themes of the Acids, they are compared with other families. The genius of the Acids thus appears so clearly in our mind's eye that we will certainly be able to later recognize it in our practice.

The author is well-known for his top-quality case studies. He gives us marvellous portraits of Acidum aceticum, Benzoicum, Citricum, Gallicum, Hydrocyanicum, Oxalicum, Picricum, Fluoricum, Muriaticum, and Sulphuricum. In addition, we can find very accurate characterisations of the Compositae, Solanaceae und Cactaceae families, as well as the Halogens, Snakes, Parasites, Insects, and Spiders. Individual remedies such as Calendula, Millefolium, Gratiola, Chamomilla, and others are sketched in a vivid way and we will rarely find them described so succinctly. These gems alone would make the book worthwhile, but in fact it goes well beyond its main subject matter. An absolute treasure trove!


en stock
envoi gratuit au-delà de € 9.999,00

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il y a 3 ans
Great reading
Book full if usefull information written in a very captivating way. read more ...
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Dalila Arbune

il y a 4 ans
presentation f the remedies with cases, explanations made this book an excellent instrument of learning. read more ...
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