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Essence of  Materia Medica, George Vithoulkas

224 pages, broché
publication 2014
produit no. 00063
poids: 220g
ISBN: 978-81-319-02011

Printed in India - Indian quality

Essence of Materia Medica

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The Essences is the classic work of a new generation of materia medica. It goes beyond a list of symptoms to vividly capture the essence of remedies. Vithoulkas draws on the experience of many thousands of patients who were treated and healed by homeopathy. For each remedy, he concentrates on a set of essential central themes, around which he then organizes the remaining symptoms. The "Essences" remains an outstanding introductory work, ideally suited to acquire a feeling for the essence of the most important remedy pictures and the major symptoms.

envoi gratuit au-delà de 134.51 US$

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George Vithoulkas
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