Hormones  - Spectrum of Homeopathy 02/2019

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Hormones - Spectrum of Homeopathy 02/2019

Cycle, Fertility, Menopause

Female hormones subtly interact to adjust women’s cycle, fertility, pregnancy, birth and menopause. The current issue of SPECTRUM looks at disturbances in the female hormone system. Chemical substances with hormone-like effects increasingly influence the environment, plants, animals and humans, especially their reproductive organs. Girls experience the menarche ever earlier or it does not come; post birth control pill syndrome, endometriosis, polycystic ovaries and tumours in the genital area are all on the increase whereas fertility is noticeably declining.

So one of the main themes in the current SPECTRUM is homeopathic treatment for the inability to have a child. In their articles our authors report on real-life cases in which their treatment has helped the patient to conceive.

In the overview, we learn that certain remedy groups are particularly indicated for disturbances of female fertility: these include the still underappreciated sarcodes, as shown by the Austrian physician Christina Ari and the Indian colleagues from “The Other Song Academy” in Mumbai, or the milk remedy Lac delphinum, which was found by Sally Williams via an analysis of the patient’s history and psychology. Viktoria Bodrogi introduces us to the still relatively unknown fish remedy group, which have a pronounced relationship to fertility. In her practice Vasudha Vij views hormonal and regulatory disturbances in terms of the developmental stages of the plant kingdom according to Michal Yakir. Maria Klompé prescribes based on the individual psychological state of her female patients, treating them with well-known polychrests and other remedies. And Ute Bullemer often brings her patients back into hormonal balance with Cyclamen, a “minor” remedy.

Christina Ari: Selfless or Autonomous
Folliculinum and the hormonal miasm

G. Gaikwad / A. Hede / S. Chatterjee: Endocrine sarcodes
Folliculinum, Pituitaria anterior and Progesteronum stabilize psyche and hormone system

Maria Klompé / Alex Leupen: One last try
Placenta humana and Magnesium silicatum for the unfulfilled wish for a child

Susan Sonz: Coming out
Lilium tigrinum at the physical and emotional levels

Viktoria Bodrogi: Pregnant males
Hippocampus kuda and Oncorhynchus tshawytscha – fish in homeopathy

Sally Williams: Dependent lika a child
Lac delphinum for polycystic ovaries

Vasudha Vij: Too little love
Gossypium for polycystic ovaries

Shekhar Algundgi / Priyanka Patole: Uncertain and wobbly
Scandium in a case of hyperprolactinemia

Ute Bullemer: Mea culpa
Cyclamen for secondary amenorrhea

Deborah Collins: Plant code and an approved indication
Salvia officinalis – garden sage is the mint for the menopause


Hormones - Spectrum of Homeopathy 02/2019

plus shipment:
2,90 EUR per Issue