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Problem children? - Spectrum of Homeopathy 01/2015

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Problem children? - Spectrum of Homeopathy 01/2015

Children cause problems when they don't meet expectations – in terms of their genes, their development and their behaviour. The theme of the spring 2015 edition of SPECTRUM “Problem Children?” is an ambivalent one, hence the question mark. After all, the problem often lies with the excessive expectations of parents, teachers and a society with innovative information technologies that can overburden even the most developmentally normal children. ADHD and DMDD are diagnoses that may be associated with exaggerated expectations as much as with the sensory overload found in the modern world. With the choice of the cheeky girl for the cover picture of “Problem Children?” we were highlighting the amusing message of the photo: things aren't so bad after all! But that was before the latest fashionable diagnoses from the American Psychiatric Association (APA): “disruptive mood dysregulation disorder” (DMDD) as well as severe and recurrent verbal and/or behavioural fits of rage.

With her case of a highly gifted and extremely angry Lanthanide girl, Resie Moonen raises the issue of whether such diagnoses can be justified. Further contributions from Paresh Varsani, Dinesh Chauhan, Wyka Feige and others show how parents these days frequently seek homeopathic help for their children due to fits of anger and aggression. Treatment is always individualized and the remedies come from all the natural kingdoms. Michal Yakir uses her plant table, for example, to find the most suitable remedy for a girl who is constantly irritable.


Alongside behavioural problems, school performance is also a major issue. The paediatrician Heiner Frei presents cases of “academic failure” due to a wide range of causes including learning disorders, poor concentration, lack of motivation, anxiety and hyperactivity.


Physical and mental development disorders have always been of concern to paediatricians. Bettina Baltacis reports in a professional and affectionate style on her work in the multidisciplinary team of the first Austrian Down's syndrome clinic. Sunil Anand describes the possible influence of multiple vaccinations on childhood development and the value of vaccine nosodes. Friedrich P. Graf describes the particular dangers of aluminium as a vaccine adjuvant.

Andreas Richter examines the common and often highly fraught relationship between adoptive parents and their children. Without intervention and treatment, bonding disorders can often lead to traumatic family dramas.


The extract from this issue of SPECTRUM comes from Anna Koller-Wilmkings with her fascinating account of her paediatric practice, presenting the entire spectrum of the theme of this issue – from developmental and behavioural disorders through psychiatric problems to severe physical pathologies, from well-known to minor remedies, and from classical repertorisation to the sensation method.


All the authors of this issue of SPECTRUM demonstrate the beneficial effects of homeopathic help for children, not just for classical disorders but also for the pathological excesses of our modern world.

Anna Koller-Wilmking: From Alumina silicata to tuberculinum
Eight Cases

Heiner Frei: Objective criteria
School problems, homeopathy, and polarity analysis

Sunil Anand: When the simile does not help
Vaccination nosodes and other intercurrent remedies

Friedrich Paul Graf: Childhood illnesses of our time
Current vaccination practice and consequences – a case of Alumina

Sigrid Lindemann: Escaping the confines
Nitrogenium oxygenisatum, claustrophobia, and delayed development

Andreas Richter: No connection
Aqua amniotica and the problems of adoption

Bettina Baltacis: Trisomy 21 and behavioral disturbances
Homeopathic help in the development of children with Down’s syndrome

Resie Moonen: Uncontrolled and independent
Lanthanum muriaticum and a strange new diagnosis

Wyka Evelyn Feige: Beside themselves with annoyance
The Loganiaceae – an important plant family for oversensitive, boisterous children

Deborah Collins: Carrying the burdens of the family's past
Looking deep into the past to discover “that which needs to be healed”

Paresh Vasani and Sneha Vyas: Aggressive dominance
Lac leoninum in an unruly, wild boy

Renate Paschmanns: Screaming, hitting, biting
Animal remedies in childhood behavioral disturbances

Heinz Wittwer: Attack from below
Lac phoca vitulina for a child with dyscalculia

Jürgen Weiland: Another child
Post-infectious tics and Mygale lasiodora

Michal Yakir: Always in the limelight
Aloe socotrina and the path via the system of plants


Problem children? - Spectrum of Homeopathy 01/2015

plus shipment:
2,90 EUR per Issue

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