UNHEILBAR?, Amy L. Lansky

312 pages, broché
publication 2017
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Eines der beliebtesten Einführungsbücher.

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Homöopathie ist kein Wunder
de Andra Dattler , publié en Spektrum der Homoöpathie 1/2011


Amy L. Lansky

Das faszinierende Heilpotenzial der Homöopathie

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The publisher:

Impossible Cure: The Promise of Homeopathy provides an in-depth and exciting account of the history,
philosophy, science, and experience of homeopathic medicine. At the core of Impossible Cure is the amazing story
of how the author’s son was cured of autism with homeopathy. Reviewers have described it as one of the most
comprehensive and reader-friendly books available on homeopathy – perfect for patient education and as a text for
first-year students. The book includes:
• Dozens of first-person testimonials of homeopathic cures, for a variety of physical, mental, and emotional conditions.
• A step-by-step guide for patients, including how to find a homeopath, preparing for appointments and follow-ups, what to expect during the interview, and interactions with allopathic treatments.
• A thorough account of the history and development of homeopathy.
• An extensive description of scientific trials of homeopathy, as well as possible explanations for the action of homeopathic remedies within the realms of complexity and chaos theory and biophysics.

Disponible, prêt à être expédié sous un jour ouvrable

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