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True Homoeopathy, Nicola Henriques

244 pages, broché
publication 2017
produit no. 22358
poids: 365g
ISBN: 978-09-9851-920-3

True Homoeopathy

Nicola Henriques

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann's Original Homœopathic Medicine

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The publisher:

Everyone seeking effective homoeopathic treatment should read this book. Every self-prescriber and student of homoeopathy to should read it before making their first prescription, and experienced practitioners will find it a valuable guide to improving case management skills.

True Homœopathy eliminates the shroud of confusion that has surrounded homoeopathy since its inception and reveals the majesty, elegance and logic of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s original masterpiece medical system, The Pure Homoeopathic Healing Art, in its pristine state: the singular, principle-based prescribing method and highest standard of clinical excellence Dr. Hahnemann fiercely asserted worthy of the honourable name “Homoeopathy”.

True Homœopathy brings the reader to a clearer, deeper understanding of homoeopathy. It reiterates and elucidates the natural science, pure doctrine, processes, rules and “easily comprehensible” fixed fundamental principles established by Dr. Hahnemann to govern every aspect of homoeopathic practice, provide consistency in methodology and underpin the effectiveness of homoeopathy, including how to select the most suitable symptom-similar medicine, proper smallest dose and correct intervals between doses for each individual and his/her illness.

The importance of this book lies in its detailed descriptions and analyses of what happens after a homoeopathic medicine is ingested and why, what action to take next and why, how to identify and quickly correct clinical errors, as well as how easily ineffectiveness and obstacles to recovery occur during treatment when Dr. Hahnemann’s fixed principles of homoeopathy are unknown, misunderstood, dismissed, or abandoned.

True Homœopathy demonstrates clearly how practising homoeopathy in the true sense of the word, increases the opportunity for it to achieve its ultimate goal: to restore continuous health, rapidly, gently, in the shortest, most reliable, and most harmless way, using the smallest doses of medicines proven on healthy people to produce the greatest number of symptoms similar to those experienced.

en stock, disponible sous 1 jour ouvré
envoi gratuit au-delà de 141.34 US$

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