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The Uranium Series, Ulrich Welte

150 pages, relié
sera disponible en 2018
produit no. 22975
ISBN: 978-3-95582-141-8

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The Uranium Series

Ulrich Welte

Actinides in Homeopathy - Irradiated Decay, Premature Ageing, Hard Fate

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Remarkable healing powers are slumbering in the radioactive elements of the Uranium series, which homeopathy can put to good use, especially in an era of increasing violence.

Potentized Radium has long been used homeopathically for the treatment of leukaemia. Yet recent experience has shown that all elements of the Uranium series are useful when selected according to the series and stages of element theory.

Ulrich Welte has many years of experience using this potent but largely unknown remedy group and can impressively convey this to the reader. The Actinides have an extreme quality: severe blows of fate with death and decay accompanied by the release of large amounts of energy, forces of nature that shake us to the core as well as genetic disease are all part of the spectrum of action of these remedies.


Using first-rate cases with some very severe pathology – such as bone marrow diseases, emotional trauma in children, and even genetic disease like thalassemia minor or hyper IgM syndrome – the well-known author demonstrates the astonishing healing power of this remedy group.

The uncanny mystique of nuclear power has certainly contributed to the fact that the secretive radioactive Uranium series has had a shadowy existence in homeopathy – yet this is clearly unjustified, as this book clearly shows.


“Ulrich Welte has written a marvellous book on the Uranium series. I recommend it to all homeopaths. He describes the core of the elements of the Uranium series in vivid remedy pictures, illustrated with many cases. The result is that the essence of the remedies stands out clearly and distinctly. Thanks to this practical method of portraying the remedies, it is easy to grasp them and use them in practice. I hope that Ulrich Welte will write even more books about the other series. Thanks for this splendid book.“
Jan Scholten


Also available as a 5-volume set  "The Periodic Table in Homeopathy"


envoi gratuit au-delà de 147.06 US$

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