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Survival - The Mollusc, Rajan Sankaran

453 pages, broché
publication 2008
produit no. 04033
poids: 870g
ISBN: 978-81-906316-4-8

Printed in India - Indian quality

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Survival - The Mollusc

Rajan Sankaran

The series will consist of the following classes:
Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Insects, Spiders, Molluscs.

It is a comprehensive work , with classification, natural history , features of each class and its subdivisions, proving excerpts, source information, pictures, illustrative cases , miasms, etc.

The publisher writes:
Dr. Rajan Sankaran is at the forefront of the evolution of the "Kingdom approach" in Homoeopathy. This is a new way of case taking with an emphasis on going to the sensation level in the patient where one can hear the language of the source. Concurrently, a parallel approach evolved to study the homoeopathic Materia Medica in terms of kingdoms and then to see how each individual remedy reflects the qualities of its natural order. All this has resulted in an exponential expansion of the homoeopathic horizon.

Used increasingly by practitioners, this new approach called for a body
of work that could be referred to once the patient has expressed his
deepest sensation. Needed were books that presented the Materia Medica with
the kingdom approach i.e. a look at the various natural Orders, their common qualities
in nature, the sub-divisions, the recognition of the alert or the source words of each order and
then how to differentiate further. Dr.Sankaran has already presented the profession with his "An
Insight Into Plants" (3 Volumes) and then his experiences with the mineral kingdom in the two
volumes of "Structure".

The exploration of the animal kingdom will be laid out in several volumes of the Survival series. This series is co-authored by Dr. Sudhir Baldota, assisted by many editors, and has contributions from several homoeopaths experienced in the "Sensation method".

"Mollusca" is the first of this series. Within are described the qualities of Mollusca in nature, three of its sub-divisions - Bivalvia (oysters, clams...), Gastropoda (limpets, snails...) and Ce-phalopoda (octopuses, cuttle fish...) and expressions in the human being. Each of these is described with source words, proving information and clinical cases so as to see the whole map and thus make it easy to recognize it in clinical practice.

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il y a 4 ans
I am reading it so interesting ,so captivant read more ...
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