Some Arachnids - Tarentula & Similars - Imperfect copy, Massimo Mangialavori

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Imperfect copy: Book cover is slightly damaged.
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Some Arachnids - Tarentula & Similars - Imperfect copy

Massimo Mangialavori

Materia Medica Clinica - Volume 4

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The publisher:

This book is particularly close to my heart.The Arachnids were my introduction to viewing remedies as families; the analogies between different Spider remedies were too obvious to miss.

The biggest revelation when investigating this world was how much the myths of Arachne and Erigone and the ritual of the tarantate tell us about patients needing a remedy made from an Arachnid.
How is it that these anthropological aspects, more than toxicology, are so strongly expressed in provings and clinical cases?
Initially, I wondered if this were an accidental feature only of Spider remedies or could this be true for all the substances of our materia medica?

Further investigation confirmed that anthropology, mythology and the traditional use of a substance are no less important than chemical composition for understanding a remedy’s action. I have to thank spiders for having explained this to me.Massimo Mangialavori

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il y a 10 mois
An Italian masterpiece
There is no homeopath able to delve deeper into the crevices of human psyche, into the meandering tunnels running complex underground structures deep into the subconscious mind ... like the catacombs if Naples ! The subtlety and complexity of patterns of human interactions with their deviousness, idiosyncrasies, dualities as captured by Massimo does not have an equal in homeopathic world.
In homeopathy we have beautiful pictures of big polycrests ( Sepia Lachesis etc) as the clarity of picture has been decanted in 200 years of homeopathic practice. Massimo brings equal clarity and wealth of information into remedies which few of us knew much of; thus ‘small remedies’ are ingeniously sculpted to the same detail and sophistication as our polycrest. Quite extraordinary for the work of a single man.
Massimo’s approach is not ‘sensation’ but psychological. Each chapter is laborious as the 'character' is seen from many angles, but the core of the remedy sticks to mind. Each remedy is illustrated with a long case.
thanks to Massimo's work I have now been able to prescribe successfully remedies which were.... anonymous to me before.
I suspect Massimos’s Material Medica Clinica will be a reference point for next few hundred of years of homeopathy.
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