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Set - Spectrum of Homeopathy - eBook 2015, Narayana Verlag

publication 2015
produit no. 26089
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Set - Spectrum of Homeopathy - eBook 2015

Narayana Verlag

Problem children, Fascinating fungi and Diagnosis Borreliosis

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Spectrum of Homeopathy is Narayana Publishers’ journal, whose aim is to combine thorough clinical experience, compact information of materia medica, and diversity of methods.

Topics for 2015 are: Problem children, Fascinating fungi and Diagnosis Borreliosis

Editorial team
We have two distinguished chief editors to ensure editorial quality and act as technical advisors: the journalist Christa Gebhardt and the homeopath Dr. Jürgen Hansel. With this journal, we are delighted to foster fruitful co-operation between experienced and creative homeopaths throughout Europe, Canada, the USA and India. We also offer a network for our customers, providing easy access to a valuable set of contacts, linking them together.

Issue 2015-1: Problem children?

Issue 2015-2: Fascinating fungi

Issue 2015-3: Diagnosis borreliosis

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