Sankaran Live - English Edition on DVD, Rajan Sankaran

publication 2008
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Seminar recording of Narayana Publishers Seminar in October 2007 in Badenweiler (Format: NTSC)

Sankaran Live - English Edition on DVD

Rajan Sankaran

A comprehensive exposition of the Sensation Method

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In October 2007, Dr. Rajan Sankaran gave an extraordinary seminar with Narayana Publishers in Badenweiler, Germany. It was aimed to take the participant right from the beginning to the latest developments in the theory and practice of the new method, which is fast gaining recognition in the world of homeopathy.

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Dr. Sankaran, having originated the idea and refined the method over practice for several years, presented it with a clarity as never before. The method and concepts were illustrated with several cases, which show subtle nuances of the idea and its refinement in practice.

Presented in a lively and interesting manner, and laced with his well-known humour, this seminar made the method come alive for those who participated.

This DVD, a recording of that seminar, provides a unique opportunity for the newcomer and the experienced homeopath to get in direct touch with the originator of the most promising method in modern homeopathy.

DVD is available now in English and German languages

This DVD is a must-view for all of us homoeopaths who aspire to be not just ‘achievers’ but ‘healers’- National Journal of Homoeopathy

See last seminar with Rajan Sankaran in Badenweiler in April 2009

See Report on the Seminar on 24-25 April, 2010 in Badenweiler

Format: NTSC


Englische Version ohne Übersetzung.

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