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Repertory for the Homeopathic Practitioner, Henri Voisin

1300 pages, relié
sera disponible en 2020
produit no. 22974
ISBN: 978-3-95582-140-1

Expected date of publication October 2020.
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Repertory for the Homeopathic Practitioner

Henri Voisin

Alphabetic list with differential diagnoses of the remedies

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Henri Voisin was one of the most outstanding homeopath practitioners in France. His repertory is already legendary. He only entered into this practical repertory what he himself had successfully used in his many years of practice. For indications that he had not convincingly been able to prove, he was honest enough to say that it only helped in a limited number of cases.

This work remained out-of-print for a long time but now it is finally available again. It is a bonanza of unusual clinical tips, which have already proved of great help in clinical practice, such as Scolopendra for disc prolapse. Even while seeing patients, items can be very rapidly looked up with the alphabetic listing of clinical diagnoses. This book is a treasure trove even for experienced homeopaths.

 "This highly valuable, far too neglected work has for many decades been our faithful companion in daily practice, helping us to reliably and rapidly find good remedies for our patients. It is easy to use, practical and exceptionally original. It not uncommonly leads us to pleasing cures with remedies that we might otherwise not have considered."
Dr Ulrich Welte, homeopathic doctor, Kandern, Germany

 "My French colleagues have been waiting for a long time for a new edition of this work. It is undoubtedly one of the most complete of its type since it contains a number of minor remedies that cannot be found in comparable books. Henri Voisin describes the remedies in their clinical application and method of action, only discussing the relevant symptoms."
Dr Georges Stahl, homeopathic doctor, Mulhouse, France

 "Shorn of all speculative mumbo jumbo, this late work by the French homeopath Henri Voisin, who died in 1975, encompasses an exceptional spectrum of practical experience. With this work he splendidly succeeds in his intention to capture the daily clinical practice of homeopathy in a no-frills and pragmatic way.
Even for practitioners who only occasionally use homeopathy, Voisin‘s book offers a reliable, timesaving and well-balanced alternative to conventional methods of remedy selection, especially when looking for remedies based on clinical indications ... Top marks. Five stars! Clearly a recommended buy!"
Thomas P. Peploivski, natural healing practitioner (from the German journal "Der Heilpraktiker", September 2015)


Nuggets of wisdom from Voisin
- Ocimum canum for nephroptosis
- Ricinus for inadequate lactation
- Absinthium for delirium tremens
- Ailanthus for gangrenous angina
- Berberis for anal eczema
- Plumbum aceticum for hemiplegia
- Cubeba for endometritis


envoi gratuit au-delà de € 9.999,00

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