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Mammal Remedies in Homeopathy - 1 DVD, Jonathan Hardy

publication 2013
produit no. 15923
poids: 80g

Seminar on video: 1 DVDs, ca. 2 hours total length.

The DVD can be played in three languages, English, French, or German.

We expect this title to be available again in approximately 7 to 8 weeks.

Mammal Remedies in Homeopathy - 1 DVD

Jonathan Hardy

For Addiction and Eating Disorders. Mental Health Seminar of March 10, 2013 - Presentation by Jonathan Hardy

In his inspiring way, Jonathan Hardy sketches for his audience an animated picture of the remedies he presents, drawing on his very considerable clinical experience.

With emotionally charged images, he succeeds in presenting a sensitive introduction to the themes of the mammals: protection, being cared for and nourished, warmth, intimacy. Where this early mother-child bond fails, there is lack – a lack of security, a feeling of emptiness, coldness …and addictions arise.

With a series of cases, Jonathan Hardy demonstrates how homeopathy can help here. With two very moving child cases, the themes of the milk remedies can be readily appreciated. A 4-year-old girl was frequently ill ever since birth, suffering from sleeplessness and a lack of energy. Her mother said that her boundaries were repeatedly violated by her husband, especially during the birth, and that she was unable to make a choice on her own. Both were given Umbilicus humanus (Omphalinum), the umbilical cord, with striking success. The mother subsequently
fell ill with bulimia, but this too disappeared with the remedy.

The impressive, comprehensible and well structured depictions of the remedies makes it easy to follow his explanations. Which is why it is always such a pleasure to attend the British doctor‘s talks.

- Case: 41-yr-old woman, heroin addiction – Lac Iupinum
- Case: 22-yr-old woman, addictive personality, poor control of her impulses, predator and big cat themes – Lac Ieoninum among others
- Case: 4-yr-old girl, sleeplessness and poor energy, mother feels her boundaries are violated by her husband, incapable of making her own choices, bulimia – Umbilicus humanus
- Case: 4-yr-old girl, ignores others, great love of water – typical themes of Amniotic fluid

You can also purchase the complete DVD set of the Mental Health Congress 2013.

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