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Indications of Miasms, Harimohon Choudhury

208 pages, broché
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ISBN: 978-81-319-0987-4

Printed in India – Indian quality

Indications of Miasms

Harimohon Choudhury

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A methodical book on miasms with practical suggestions. The relation between miasms and micro-organisms is well described and the correct indication of particular miasm is given. Major diseases, such as tuberculosis, cancer, Aids etc. are covered and lists of drugs for each miasm are compiled.

Publishers Note:

This book is an analytical compilation of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann's Theory of Miasms' in treating acute and chronic diseases. The author has contributed an extensive discourse on miasms including all the aspects with practical suggestions, which would help readers immensely. Indications of different miasmatic states have been described in detail, which would help practitioners identify each of the miasmatic state of their patients and select the simillimum for their radical cure. It not only includes acute and chronic miasms but also the miasms for the dreaded diseases of today's time like cancer, tuberculosis, AIDS etc. and the mixed miasmatic states along with their treatment. Thorough understanding and correct interpretation of miasmatic doctrine through this book will enable homeopathic physicians to eliminate deep-seated chronic ailments.

il ne reste que quelques exemplaires en stock
envoi gratuit au-delà de € 120,00

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