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Homeopathy & the Menopause - Farewell and Culmination - 1 DVD, Friedrich P. Graf

publication 2013
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Video-DVD 90 min.

Homeopathy & the Menopause - Farewell and Culmination - 1 DVD

Friedrich P. Graf

Friedrich Graf in interview with Heidi Brand, Kandern March 2013

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Friedrich Graf is one of the best known homeopaths in Germany, specializing in gynaecology. In this interview with Heidi Brand he offers his profound insights into the significance of the menopause, including key complaints and their treatment with homeopathy.

Friedrich Graf perceptively describes the biological changes during this important phase, a time of notable upheaval for women, and explains how these changes are manifested in specific complaints.

He describes what kinds of treatments are offered by conventional medicine and shows the importance of nutrition, exercise and lifestyle. He justifies his dislike of hormone treatment, explaining why it leads to “sycotization”.

Together with various medicinal plants, the popular doctor draws on his extensive experience to describe the tried-and-tested remedies for the major complaints of menopause, including unusual “minor” remedies, such as the Carcinosinum-like Folliculinum or Clematis for premature menopause.

Viewing the menopause as a holistic experience focuses our attention on the emotional significance of this phase of life for the women experiencing it. At this point the interview between the expert doctor Graf and the homeopath Heidi Brand turns into a broader discussion. They touch on the self-image of women, farewell, sexuality and
wisdom – the term “climacteric” after all is derived from “climax”, meaning literally “culmination”. In this first-class discussion, the shared opinions of the authors as well as their differences come to light, giving the topic of the menopause a fascinating airing.

Interview on the occasion of the third part of the seminar "Homeopathy for Gynaecology"  with Friedrich P. Graf, DVD, 90 mins

en stock
envoi gratuit au-delà de € 9.999,00

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