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Homeopathy for Dogs - 1 DVD, Peter Gregory

publication 2017
produit no. 23006
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1 DVD, approx. 3 h Languages: English / German

Homeopathy for Dogs - 1 DVD

Peter Gregory

Challenges finding the remedy for animals
Veterinary Congress - April 22.-24. 2016 in Bad Bellingen Germany

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Conveying the basic concepts and structure of homeopathy and homeopathic work in a systematic and easily understandable way with marvellous and funny sketches of the constitutional homeopathic remedies for dogs – this is what Peter Gregory does best. After more than 40 years of practical work as a vet and homeopath and many years teaching homeopathy, he is still trying to perfect his approach and develop new ideas.
He briefly defines the key concepts of homeopathy so that everyone is on the same page and then turns to his major theme: the “patterns” – repeating structures that can be seen over and over again in life and therefore also in homeopathy. He uses these structures to make his practical work easier. Patterns in homeopathy include, for example, the miasms and the kingdoms.
This presentation offers useful insights for “human homeopaths” too – many a parallel between animal and human patients will bring a smile to the lips.

en stock
envoi gratuit au-delà de € 9.999,00

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