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Homeopathic Cancer Drugs: Oncology Materia Medica, Manfred Mueller

2120 pages, relié
publication 2019
produit no. 23512
poids: 1660g
ISBN: 978-0-999-185-124

Just released!
2nd Edition 2019

Homeopathic Cancer Drugs: Oncology Materia Medica

Manfred Mueller

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The publisher:

A ground-breaking reference book for physicians, professionals, and patients alike.

Do you specialize or are you thinking of specializing in homeopathic cancer treatment? Do you take an occasional cancer case but wish to learn more? Then this book is for you!

Homeopathic Cancer Drugs is the first clinical materia medica written specifically with the homeopathic oncologist in mind. It contains every fact the homeopathic cancer specialist needs to know in order to treat cancerous pathologies safely, and with a higher degree of success.

Homeopathic Cancer Drugs contains over 600 remedies and is the most thorough reference work on homeopathic cancer drugs to date. It lists all drugs that have ever been used for the homeopathic treatment of cancer either in clinical practice, case studies or compiled from more than 100 years of homeopathic literature.

It is the first time the symptoms from the homeopathic materia medica have been listed in the context of modern medical categories including additions from current scientific research. It contains the broadest, most up-to-date, most complete, and most accurate array of data the practitioner needs to reliably select an effective remedy for the pathology of each individual case of cancer.

en stock
envoi gratuit au-delà de € 120,00

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Dr. Ramesh Shah

il y a 2 ans
Oncology Materia Medica par excellence.
This work on Materia Medica on Cancer - Oncology is one of its kind and unique.

The author has indeed compiled these huge volumes with great precision and patience not missing any relevant information, this has made this work a stand alone Materia Medica on the subject - Cancer-Oncology.

The author needs to be congratulated and deserves lots of accolades.

I would appreciate that the author Manfred Mueller should come forward with a complete Repertory for this Materia Medica that shall make the work more acceptable and useable. read more ...
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il y a 7 mois
Excellent Resource.
As a conventionally trained medical doctor, with strong interest in oncology, I have read up almost entire english language literature on homeopathy and oncology. I can say this book and Ramakrishnan's work are two essentials, on the desk of a homeopath who wants to treat oncology patients.

Manfred's book is exhaustive, and authoritative. It has helped me select best possible remedies in oncology patients. If Ramakrishnan's method is used, in light of Knowledge gleaned from Manfred's Oncology Material Medica, result will be phenomenal.

Cancer is an extremely aggressive disease, by the time it is diagnosed, race against time has already begun. Classical homeopathy, with wait and watch approach may be correct (not according to Organon 6th edition),in other non life threatening pathologies. However cancer is a totally different animal. Very aggressive and multi-dimensional approach can conquer cancer. Those who plan to gain experience with cancer patients, please read Ramakrishnan's book (mainly first edition) and pair it with Manfred's materia medica, your will serve your patients well.

Weekly alternation of Organopathic remedies aimed at particular pathology (e.g. Heckla Lava for Osteosarcoma) , with Carcinoncin using plussing method tends to match the aggressive pathology with aggressive treatment. read more ...
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Dr Joan Vidal-Jove

il y a 1 an
Excellent review of oncology Materia Medica
Excellent review of oncology Materia Medica, not only centered in oncological symptoms. A must have of anybody treating complex diseases. read more ...
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Neil Schultz

il y a 2 mois
Love this Book
VERY Nice book to have for this subject!! The most complete I have seen! read more ...
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