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Dreams in Homeopathy, Prakash Vakil

429 pages, relié
publication 2017
produit no. 10355
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ISBN: 978-3-95582-093-0


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Dreams In Homeopathy by Dr. Prakash Vakil is reviewed by Vatsala Sperling
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Dreams in Homeopathy

Prakash Vakil

A Guide to the Homeopathic Interpretation of Dreams
With a Repertory of Dream Remedies

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Dreams are an expression of the unconscious and of our personality. They are therefore of great significance for remedy selection in homeopathy.
For many years the well-known homeopathic doctor Prakash Vakil has researched dreams, their interpretation and use in homeopathy. In many cases he found the usual repertory rubrics to be lacking. So he felt compelled to develop his own working methods.
Based on the insights of psychology and Ayurveda, Vakil discusses the significance of dreams in homeopathic remedy provings and practice. The 100 clinical cases in which Vakil expertly shows how to use dreams in case taking and case analysis are particularly informative. He stresses the importance of distinguishing when dreams provide a clear hint to the remedy and when, for example, they are triggered by external circumstances.
Vakil has extended the dream rubrics in the repertory with valuable new additions. He also investigates dreams in the context of miasms.
A pioneering work that greatly enriches the process of homeopathy remedy selection.

“I‘ve dreamt of publishing this book ever since it became clear to me that the key to the inner life of many patients is to be found solely in their dreams.“
Prakash Vakil

Prakash Vakil has dedicated this book to the study of dreams, their interpretation and use in homeopathy. Following a summary of the understanding of dreams in the context of modern psychology as well as traditional Indian medicine and philosophy, Vakil discusses the implications of dreams as part of homeopathic provings and practice.
With over 100 clinical cases, Vakil gives clear examples of how to use dreams in the process of case taking and analysis. Dreams can be very useful in helping to find the simillimum and in interpreting the direction of cure.
Vakil has made valuable additions to the dream rubrics in our repertories and the book contains remedy studies and differentiation from dreams. Dreams are considered in the context of miasm too.
Vakil’s long-standing research on the matter shines through this book. From his depth of knowledge he is able to also give examples of cases to demonstrate when dreams are not helpful as tools for prescribing. This aids the reader – student and practitioner alike – to realise the importance of dreams in the homeopathic process whilst maintaining a sound basis of classical homeopathic prescribing.


I dreamt of bringing out this book when I found that dreams of some patients were the sole guide to what was going on within them. I had to study various concepts on dreams and had to correlate them with homeopathy. The usual rubrics from repertories did not help in many cases, so I had to develop a special method of working.

I cannot say that this work is free from errors. There may be errors of commission and errors of omission. The work was so difficult, laborious and painstaking, I would only say that in a subsequent edition, it will be rectified to achieve perfection. Whatever is done so far should be useful to my colleagues.

There are many people who have helped me to realise my dream of bringing out this book. I am really grateful to them.

In the end, I wish to say what W.B. Yeats says in He Wishes for the Clothes of Heaven: "I have spread my dreams under your feet / Tread softly because you tread on my dreams"

2nd October, '95 Bombay


en stock
envoi gratuit au-delà de € 9.999,00

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Kathy Booth

il y a 8 mois
fab book
This is a great book if you are interested in dreams.
It is also a good guide if you are looking for additional information when selecting remedies. read more ...
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