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Cancer - My Homeopathic Method, A.U. Ramakrishnan

208 pages, relié
publication 2016
produit no. 11107
poids: 510g
ISBN: 978-3-95582-089-3

Cancer - My Homeopathic Method

A.U. Ramakrishnan

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At last, a method for confidence building in treating and managing cancer cases.

Dr AU Ramakrishnan, author of “A Homeopathic Approach to Cancer” is one of the most well-known specialists in the treatment of cancer worldwide. Over the last thirty years, he has treated more than 15,000 cancer patients and has developed a highly specific homeopathic method for treating different kinds of tumors including his famous plussing method.

During his long-time practice, Dr. Ramakrishnan has made adjustments to his prescribing when necessary. In this volume, he shares the refinements to his protocol. For example, a previously,  arely used remedy shows efficacy in repeated cases or perhaps a one time change is made for a particular patient’s individual circumstance, then found to work for others.

It is a systematic and simple to follow practical guide describing the homeopathic treatment of over 25 types of cancers. It also includes over 100 case examples along with strategies for handling the many stages this disease can take, including terminal situations. The book also contains updates of cases previously published.

The hope is for homeopathic doctors and practitioners to become comfortable treating cases with serious pathology. Patients too should become familiar with options for their own care that can be used exclusively or alongside their conventional treatments. Many of the most frequently asked questions are answered here to help patients and practitioners make the best decisions in each situation.

Dr Ramakrishnan’s method has proven effective in many cases and this new volume will surely help in deepening the knowledge of this promising approach.

en stock
envoi gratuit au-delà de € 9.999,00

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Kishan Takahashi Homeopathic Consultant/healer South Wales Uk

il y a 3 ans
Excellent book
A big thank you to Dr Ramakrishnan for letting us see such an insight into his work.
I had the first book, but this is a book everyone who follows his work needs to get.
You'll be quite moved at the various Cancers and related pathological changes and support that's mentioned in this book.
I hope to practice as long as he does, if not longer. read more ...
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il y a 10 mois
Mere shadow of the illustrious first edition.
Unfortunately 2nd edition has much lower level of scholarship and intellectual prowess. Catherine Coulter's absence is felt greatly.

Material medica portion is extremely brief. We don't want him to write pages upon pages on this subject, but surely some therapeutic pointers differentiating between remedies for a particular type of cancer would have been nice. Dr. Ramakrishnan did not built on materia medica portion in second edition. Very disappointing. 2nd edition is more of the same, but at a much lower level of scholarship.

In many cases he does not elaborate as to what made him choose a particular remedy. I am glad I kept the first edition. Over all, those who don't have first edition, buy it first. It is a much better written book. Second edition adds very little to the first edition. read more ...
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