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Beyond Avogadro's Number, Allan Bonsall

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Beyond Avogadro's Number

Allan Bonsall

Hahnemann's private battle which lead to the discovery of homeopathy

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The publisher:

The author has written a fictionalized biography that will hold you in its spell from first page to last. It is a remarkable book of human altruism pitted against the treacherous greed of elites. The life of Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann, the man credited with creating the medical philosophy of homeopathy, is well documented. Equally well documented is his ambitious struggle to bring his
system of medicine into being. This book tells the story of Samuel Hahnemann's fight with physician's of the old school and the apothecaries who held royal monopolies over the making and dispensing of medicines and against the established code, a code that existed not because it was proven right but because it had the luxury of historical precedent. This is a book about personal struggle, the corruption of power and the fight for truth. The author has given a totally new dimension to the life history of Hahnemann by depicting the facts in a new way and all the
circumstances have been so dramatically written that you feel as if you are watching it happen in front of your eyes. It gives us an idea of what circumstances led Hahnemann to look out for a new system of healing. Today, when everybody is trying their hands at fiction and we all love to
read a novel, this homeopathic story is one of its kind which all homeopaths should read atleast once and feel the drama of homeopathy. The expression is lively and the twists and turns in the story keeps you hooked till the end.

Allan lives with his wife Jann in Brisbane, Australia where he leads a busy life consulting to government and industry on strategic and brand planning; travelling as often as his budget and schedule permits, and writing. For the better part of three decades Allan Bonsall worked in the high pressure advertising business, working with a who's who of top international and Australian brands and climbing, for better or worse, to the top of the corporate ladder. Allan acknowledges that for much of his time in the advertising business he struggled with the demons of anxiety and
stress, but found little, if any help in either drugs or psychiatry. A chance encounter with a homeopath helped him make a ‘remarkable’ recovery from a torn quad muscle and encouraged him to discover more about homeopathy, and the life and career of Samuel Hahnemann. What he
found was blessed relief from the stress that had plagued him for years and a growing fascination with the battle between Samuel and the apothecaries that ultimately lead to the researching and writing of Beyond Avogadro's Number, Allan's first foray into writing.

- Fictionalized biography of the founder of Homeopathy, Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann
- Language is dramatic and the book holds you in its spell from first page to last
- Beautifully illustrates the eventful life of the master, his personal struggle for survival, the corruption of power, the fight for truth and the circumstances which led the master to look out for a new system of healing

en stock
envoi gratuit au-delà de € 120,00

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