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Meditative Provings - Volume 1, Madeline Evans

282 pages, relié
publication 2005
produit no. 06787
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Meditative Provings - Volume 1

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A contentious subject for traditional homeopaths, meditative provings are among a growing number of new proving methodologies. In this book, fifty-two remedies provings are proposed; Stonehenge, Tiger's eye, Goldfish, Mimosa, Rose quartz, Chalice Well, Clay, Berlin Wall, among others. As with all pioneer work, this is a work in the making with all the limitations it implies. The ultimate test, however, is whether the remedy will bring cure to the patient and it seems that verification in practice by the Guild of Homeopaths' members has been consistent in quality compared with traditionally proven remedies.

The publisher:

The first volume of Meditative Provings (now affectionately known as 'The Purple Book' from the colour of its cover) contains in note form a summary of 52 new remedies proved through meditation by several groups of homeopaths in the late 1990s. The remedy pictures and symptoms were intuited, channelled or experienced physically, emotionally and spiritually. They include the usual mental and physical symptoms of a remedy but also its spiritual aspects and the way in which it can be used to clear psychic or spiritual blocks and to further spiritual development. Each remedy is also linked with the chakras.

These are remedies which will be increasingly needed as we move into the 21st century and the Aquarian Age, especially by children but they are already found to work well in the treatment of physical and emotional dis-ease in anyone. The provings bring to the forefront the spiritual potential of Homeopathy and give to practitioners and patients who are ready and willing to work at this level the possibility of using homeopathy as a tool for spiritual advancement. Many of the old remedies do not have this aspect as they were needed at a time when the level of humanity's development was different. However many of the old remedies also work at this higher level when needed, especially when given in combination with the new remedies.

The remedies in the book are: Amethyst, Ayahuasca, Bay Leaf, Berlin Wall, Blue, Caesium, Chalcancite, Chalice Well, Chestnut Tree Red Flower, Chestnut Tree White Flower, Clay, Conium Maculatum, Copper Beech, Earthworm, Emerald, Ether, Goldfish, Green, Holly, Hornbeam, Jade, Jet, Lac Humanum, Lotus, Medorrhinum Americana, Mimosa, Moldavite, Moonstone, Oak, Obsidian, Okoubaka, Peridot, Plutonium, Purple, Rainbow, Red, Rhodocrosite, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Sea Holly, Sea Salt, Sequoia, Silverfish, Stonehenge, Strawberry, Strontium, Sycamore Seed, Tiger's Eye, Viscum Album, Willow, Yellow.

en stock
envoi gratuit au-delà de 157.61 US$

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