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Materia Medica Viva - Volume 11, George Vithoulkas

274 pages, relié
publication 2006
produit no. 03342
poids: 650g

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Materia Medica Viva - Volume 11

Ferrum Metallicum to Helleborus Niger

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Numerous homeopathic professionals have for a long time been asking me to write "my materia medica." They feel that the information I have provided in various seminars over the years should reach a wider audience. To date this information has been available to only a limited number of homeopathic physicians. I have postponed this Herculean task for many years in order to create the necessary circumstances to do justice to such a tremendous job, namely, to communicate my experience, knowledge and understanding of our materia medica.

Volume 11: Ferrum metallicum to Helleborus niger

en stock, expédiable sous 1 jour ouvré
envoi gratuit au-delà de 129.42 US$

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